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Hello! Welcome to 3 Scoops of Sugar!! It’s nice to meet you!

Do you love all things food? 🙂 If so, then you came to the right place! I love coming up with new recipes that “WOW” my husband and kids! 🙂 I am a registered dietitian so I love studying nutrition and what it is that we are eating, but do not let that worry you…I still like my food to taste great!! 😉 I started this blog with the intention of inspiring people to cook more at home and have fun doing it. There are so many great food blogs out there that have inspired me to do what I am doing. I hope you enjoy your day!!

Lovely Weekend Chicken Tortilla Soup

chicken tortilla soupHey guys! How about some lovely weekend chicken tortilla soup?!! This recipe has always been my go-to recipe for chicken tortilla soup but after last weekend, a little more meaning goes behind it. We are soon to be having our last night in our lovely home here. Tear ;(. My husband’s siblings and their spouses came for the weekend and I decided to make this soup. It’s weird how I can like this recipe that much more since we shared it with family! Just goes to show you that food can bring people together, especially good food!! Read more…

My Favorite Slow Cooker Chuck Roast

favorite slow cooker chuck roastSo glad you are here today friends!! My life calls for my favorite slow cooker chuck roast today! In the midst of selling a house, buying a house, managing everything in between…it is time for a slow cooker meal today. And that is that! I LOVE THIS SLOW COOKER CHUCK ROAST! Why? Because it always turns out delicious. Roast that falls apart on your fork is the way to eat chuck roast. Just sooo good! Are you drooling right now? Don’t worry, I won’t tell. 😉 Read more…

5-Minute Harvest Crunch Snack Mix

5 minute harvest crunch snack mixHi Friends! How are ya? Crazy busy here! And that is why I am so into this 5-Minute Harvest Crunch Snack Mix! My kids have been bombarding me for candy lately. Everything is candy this, candy that, I want candy! Get Me Candy Mommy!! AWWWW! I am tired of saying no to candy so that is why I am saying yes to this 5-Minute Harvest Crunch Snack Mix. No guilt in handing this snack over to my kids. 😉 Read more…

Pumpkin Linguine with Kale & Walnuts

pumpkin linguine with kale and walnutsOMG! PUMPKIN LINGUINE WITH KALE & WALNUTS! Pumpkin pasta, where have you been all my life? Eating this pumpkin linguine make me think I am in some fancy lil restaurant enjoying a bowl of crazy good pasta but much to my surprise I am sitting at our dinner table with the hubs. 🙂 All the better!! Simply because that is my goal–to bring simple, healthy, and delicious homemade meals into your home. Read more…

Granny Smith Apple Crisp

granny-smith-apple-crisp2There is nothing like warm apple crisp topped with cool vanilla bean ice cream. I am super excited about this post!! My reasons are twofold!! 😉 1. This apple crisp tastes amazing! It has all the right ingredients packed into one 8×8 square baking pan. 2. It is baked with the apple skins so it is packed with extra nutrients. The trick is the skins have been finely chopped in a food processor so there is no annoying texture. Just amazing apple crisp!! It’s a love-love relationship right now with this apple crisp. Read more…

Healthy Sweet Potato Fries

healthy sweet potato friesHealthy Sweet Potato Fries…I love you! Weird, I totally know so you can think it too. What is it about sweet potato fries?! For some reason, I can always find a way to say no to the greasy, caked in salt fries that you get from restaurants, fast food, the works. Bottom line is I can say no. Homemade sweet potato fries on the other hand…there will not be one left over at the end of our meal. Not even one! What is even better? The result is a perfectly crispy sweet potato fry! Stinkin good!! Read more…

Hearty Ratatouille Soup

hearty ratatouille soupTime for fall and that means soups galore! Oh I how Iove love love soups. Fall and Winter are my favorite food months. Soups and stews oh my! 😉 Paninis and cheesy, crusty French bread to dip into the soup. So amazing!! This hearty ratatouille soup is deeeeelish! Read more…

Quick & Easy Quesadillas with Salsa Verde

quick and easy quesadillas with salsa verdeSchool is back in session and sports and the endless number of activities have started for the year! Yay! What do you not want to think about…supper. Try these awesome quick & easy quesadillas with salsa verde! To sum up in one word–SATISFYING!! You may think well, that’s a boring word. I beg to differ. These quesadillas are a mix of beef, cheddar cheese, cherry tomatoes, and avocado topped with my salsa verde and a dab of ranch! YUMMAY! Read more…


Salsa Verde (Tomatillo Salsa)

salsa verde (tomatillo salsa)Salsa is one of life’s greatest creations. I love it! Salsa verde…OMG! It just blows me away!  All of the flavors and ingredients come together to produce this tomatillo burst of goodness! Salsa verde refers to green salsa and the green comes from tomatillos. Salsa verde-when I think of you all I can think of are chips, game day, hanging out with friends and family. Salsa verde should be at the center of all of that! For sure! Read more…

Fancy Fall Pumpkin Muffins

pumpkin muffinstkHello there my wonderful friends! I have missed 3 Scoops lately. In order to keep up with this crazy August month, I stepped away from the blog for a week. I missed it a lot but needed the extra time to pretty much survive! August 2016..you have schooled me! Now that August is about over, all I can think about is FALL and PUMPKINS, and these FANCY FALL PUMPKIN MUFFINS!! Read more…


Top Notch Chicken Nachos

top notch chicken nachosChicken like WHOA! Top Notch Chicken Nachos are comin in hot!! LOVE THESE! And for so many reasons: Need a delicious and fun yet healthy appetizer? Looking for a fresh new recipe for dinner that is full of flavor and healthy ingredients? Well then try these chicken nachos!!! They are going to be a regular during football season that is for sure and for certain. Simple and yet sooo much deliciousness in this pan. Read more…





Poached Eggs on Avocado Toast

Poached eggs on avocado toastWelcome! Here on 3 Scoops I am happy to present the ultimate avocado toast that will satisfy any breakfast cravings whether salty or sweet! This combination fulfills them both and it is FANNNNTASTIC!! Poached eggs on avocado toast with cherry tomatoes, blueberries, and crushed pistachios is a plate full of nutrition and shouting EAT ME!! Plus, you should probably keep reading and find out why you should eat more cherry tomatoes! Read more…

Grilled Chicken Legs with Provencal Marinade

grilled chicken legs FGGrilled Chicken Legs with Provencal Marinade…that is what should be on your menu for today! I am obsessed with this delicious and juicy grilled chicken. It screams YUMMYYY! Herbs from Provence is one of the main ingredients in this marinade and if you have not used it before…then you should probably head to the store and grab yourself some because the smell alone is just awesome! As soon as you sink your teeth into this juicy chicken you will taste the beloved Herbs from Provence! Gotta love these herbs!! Read more…


Off-the-Farm Blackberry Overnight Oats

off the farm blackberry overnight oatsHey friends! It is good to get back to my blog! Life has been a little hectic since we got back from our family vacay so I stepped away from the blog for a few extra days in order to get our kids back into a regular routine. And today I want to present one of the best tasting breakfast trends…Off-the-farm blackberry overnight oats!! Yes that is right! These blackberries come straight off the Reynold’s farm in south central NE! And they are straight up delicious! These blackberry overnight oats contain whole oats, skim milk (you can add any %fat milk you prefer though), coconut yogurt, pecans, chia seeds, and honey. Read more…Off-the-Farm Blackberry Overnight Oats

Best Whole Grain White Bread

best whole grain white breadAh, I feel so refreshed after the family vacation to Breckenridge! We all had such a great time but it is great to be back home and blogging!! Whoohoo! As we came home to an empty fridge and somewhat bare cupboards, I thought about what would be fun to make on my day off today. I have really been wanting to put my whole grain white flour to use, so I decided to bake some homemade bread. The result…the best whole grain white bread I have ever eaten with a kitchen that smells absolutely delightful!! Read more…




Homemade Sun-dried Tomato Pesto

homemade sun-dried tomato pestoHere is a fun homemade sun-dried tomato pesto for all of your pesto craving days!! Pesto is so fun to put on all sorts of different things, such as paninis, bruschetta, wraps, pizza, or on top of grilled chicken. It is an easy way to fancy up a meal! I don’t know about you but it is the little things like this that make a meal so much more tasty! Read more…

Healthy Froyo Cups

healthy froyo cupsFroyo cups are where it’s at peeps! Yup yup! In my book, they are a highly underrated snack. The truth is they contain three of my favorite things. Not one, not two, THREE people! Let’s break it down…1) healthy and most importantly yummy granola (which I totally wish I had some of my homemade granola for this recipe!) 2) greek coconut yogurt ( I do not know where this flavor has been hiding all of my life because I live off greek yogurt, and for this I used the Chobani brand) and last but not least 3) fresh berries (enough said, they are simply wonderful) 😉 Read more…




Tomato Pesto Chicken and Angel Hair

tomato pesto chicken and angel hairWhat’s up friends?! 🙂 I am glad to be here and it is crazy I have been at this blogging thing for 6 months now! Creamy chicken and noodles was my first post…definitely had some need for improvement and I still do but I have learned so much about photography and blogging and I absolutely love it! Today, I want to talk about Tomato Pesto Chicken and Angel Hair. I may say this a lot but this is DEFINITELY one of my favorite meals so far. This was one of those recipes I had that I tweaked some things here and there and it certainly paid off because it was TOTALLY FANTASTIC! Read more…


Bar Harbor Mason Jar Salad

bar harbor mason jar saladLet’s get down to business…this bar harbor mason jar salad needs to get in your mouth right now!! And how fun is a mason jar salad?! But honestly you do not need to make this in a mason jar because it tastes totally amazing right off your plate. I can picture myself on the dock in Bar Harbor eating this flavorful salad. When I took my first bite of this salad, I pictured myself back in Maine enjoying the amazingness of that wonderful little town. Bar Harbor, Maine is absolutely amazing just like this salad! Read more…

Whole Grain Waffles with Raspberries

best whole grain waffles with raspberriesHey guys and gals! So I am already smiling as I write this post about my new favorite white whole grain waffles. I am smiling because they will remind me of the awesome 4th of July weekend me and my family had. It was filled with family packed fun, fireworks, and food of course!! And to top it off my 4 year-old came and gave me a big hug after I made these waffles. He said these were the best waffles he had ever eaten and kept repeating thank you mommy for making me waffles..melts my heart!  So, check out these best whole grain waffles with raspberries! Read more…

Shrimp & Avocado Tostados

shrimp & avocado tostadosI am bringing some tasty shrimp and avocado tostados to you all today! Tostado literally means “toasted” in Spanish. According to google, a tostado is a deep-fried tortilla topped with a variety of things including beans, meat, and vegetables. I have added my own little tostado twist to lean over to the healthier side of things. For this tostado recipe, I pan-fried the corn tortillas in a bit of olive oil as opposed to deep-frying them. Let me just say, the flavor of these tostados was like “WOW”!! So, ladies and gents, I present to you some scrumptious shrimp and avocado tostados. Read more…



Cedar Planked Chicken Thighs with Soy Ginger Glaze

Cedar Planked Chicken Thighs with Soy Ginger GlazeI am so excited about what I have to share with you today! I grilled up some cedar planked chicken thighs with soy ginger glaze. My mouth is watering at the sound of the that! This chicken was so juicy and tender. It was a great Saturday evening meal! I must add it was still spectacular as leftovers for Sunday lunch! 🙂 And c’mon, anything grilled on a cedar plank is just plain fun to eat. I used skinless chicken thighs for this recipe to cut down on calories and fat. To cut down even more calories and fat, you could substitute dark turkey meat for chicken meat. Dark turkey meat naturally has less fat and calories than dark chicken meat. Read more…



Fresh Peach Pizza Pie

peach and canadian bacon pizzaHi Everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Monday again! Time to get that menu together for the week! Are you running low on new recipes? Wanting something easy and yet delicious! Well, I have got a great suggestion! My latest fresh peach pizza pie is light but great tasting. It is a perfect meal choice on these hot and muggy days when you need to eat just enough to satisfy you followed by a tall glass of ice water over your head as well as in your stomach! Read more…

Tangy Honey BBQ Kabob Bowls

tangy honey bbq kabob bowlsIt is just plain HOT outside! Hot! Hot! Hot! When it is this hot, I have absolutely no desire to preheat the oven and cook us up some anything for that matter! And yet, I want to do better than a turkey sandwich on Sunday afternoon. For this reason, my husband and I put our heads together and grilled some amaaazing Tangy Honey BBQ Kabob Bowls! I am still in awe on how good these were and there are no leftovers. That does not happen very often. Read more…

Pork Carnitas

Pork CarnitasWhen it comes to Pork Carnitas, you can never have too much of a good thing! Oh yes, pork carnitas…you had me at hello. I have a confession to make. So, I have been wanting to chow down on some homemade pork carnitas yumminess(I know that verbiage sounds off but I’m goin with it!) for some time now. I used to live in Omaha and made weekly visits to Pancheros, a quick sit-down Mexican place like Chipotle, but it was even better in my mind. What did I order every visit?? The pork carnitas and you better believe it. Well since I started this food blog, making some pork carnitas has been in the back of my mind. And to be honest, I had no idea what carnitas even meant. Carnitas literally means “little meats.” And the process involves braising or simmering the meat in oil or lard. Sorry folks, no lard here. But I am going to provide you with a delicious pork carnitas recipe. Read more…

Strawberry Salad with Honey Poppyseed Dressing

strawberry salad with honey poppyseed dressingHi Friends! Welcome to my food blog! First and foremost, I love summer! I love summer for so many reasons but one of them is because I get to eat all kinds of fresh fruit that is actually affordable. Summer brings out my better eating habits because I have to wear shorts unless I want to sweat all day long. Summer is a time when I get so dang hot that I love light and healthy lunches…like this strawberry salad! 😉 Read more…



raspberry peach power smoothie bowlHi there friends! Welcome back! All newbies, it is nice to meet you! Who wants a raspberry peach POWER smoothie bowl?! Wow! I am pretty sure if I was asked that question, I would be immediately raising and waving my arm in the air like I was in 2nd grade again. 😉 Ah, the good ‘ol days when all that mattered was racing to the monkey bars on the playground and hoping I could find someone to eat my peas at lunch so I did not have attempt to stuff them in my milk carton and then get caught. :( Read more…

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